Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Photographing Police/Military Personnel now illegal in Britian

No Police PhotosA new British Anti-terrorism law went into effect on Feb 15th stating that any pictures taken of London police or military personnel can be deemed terrorist.

The basis of the law is to is to prevent real terrorists from taking pictures that would assist them in reconnaissance.  Several Civil Liberties groups have been fighting against Britain for years over measures passed that prevented people from being able to do things they once were able to.  In 2005 another law was passed that made it illegal to have demonstrations near Parliament.

Britain officials stated that the law is to protect police officers when conducting counterterrorism operations.  However with that said, many officers in the past have threatened those whom photographed them with arrest if they didn't put their camera away, now it's the law.

Jess Hurd, a freelance photographer was stopped by police when photographing a wedding of Irish travelers, which ironically was about how the travelers whom roam from site to site, often face harassment from the police.

Those choosing to resist arrest from the law could spend up to 10 years in jail.

For some reason, when I picture the concept of this law, I picture some lawmaker sitting down watching a movie of some professional stalker taking numerous pictures of his target, and then concluding: "Oh hey! He's a bad guy!  That must mean all people that photograph stuff are terrorists!"  That's bullshit.

I sincerely hope that our country doesn't reach this point where all our first amendment rights are taken away because of "terrorism."  It seems now whenever any lawmaker comes up with new legislation putting a ban or restriction on something "terrorism" is involved in some way, shape, or form.