Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earbuds are bullshit

These $10 JVC earphones sound just as good
if not better than those Beats Earbuds

Let me say for the record that earbuds are a joke. I got this pair of Beats Earbuds that came with this phone I got and those earbuds have been nothing short of a nightmare when trying to use them.

First of all, earbuds by default are a flawed design. They have to physically go into your ear. And alot of these earbud makers don't even include different size earpieces to accommodate your ears. Fortunately the included beats earbuds that I use did. However, even with me trying out all the different size pieces, those fucking earbuds keep fallout off.  So I give up, I'm getting earphones that sit on the outside of your ears rather then ones that go in...

What's funny is those Beats audio earphones are supposedly worth $100 but I honestly I'm underwhelmed by how they sound... These $10 JVC earphones I have sound just as good, if not better.