Thursday, July 4, 2013

People wonder why I avoid my extended family like the plague... Here's why

Lets face it, we all have at least one or more crazy people in our family.  Unfortunately my family has a lot more than a couple.  I'd say that about 50% of my family including extended are crazy.

Although my aunt is a special kind of crazy.  Crazy enough to the point where I will NOT give her my contact information, and for a good reason.  This woman is in her late 50s, still lives with her mom (my grandma) and has the mentality of an 8 year old child.  I make every attempt to avoid her like the plague.  I think after reading this email, you will understand why.

This was the email I received from my aunt on birthday (sensitive information has been omitted but this is pretty much how I received it - layout & all along with the misspellings):

Subject: HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, JAMES!!!~(A Special Birthday profile + letter for You!!!)~AUGUST 15th~HAPPY THURSDAY!!!~2013***(Birthdate: XXXXXXXX XXth~2013~).********(Sent at 1:47 P.M.).

From:Michelle E. (********
Sent:Thu X/XX/13 2:05 PM
To: ******* (*******; ********** (********; ****** (**********; ********** (**********; ***** (*****; ***** (*****; ******* (*******; ***** (*****; ***** (*****
Cc: **** (****; **** (****; *** (***; **** (****; ********* (*********

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Michelle E. <******>
To: "*****" <*****>; "******" <******>; "*****" <*****>; "******" <*****>; "******" <******>; "*****rage@hotmail.comm" <*****rage@hotmail.comm>; "*****" <*****>
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 1:47 PM

Happy Birthday! ~ For My First Nephew, Dearest JAMES!!! (: (: (: HAPPY, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to You today, JAMES, and may GOD bless you with decades more of Good Health, Peace, Love, Prosperity, Love, True Friends, and a Long Life to enjoy it all!! * * * * * * * I tried to call you today, but, as you know, on my birthday, XXXXXXX Xth, SUNDAY Evening, when I asked you for your cell phone #, you deliberately gave me your old number!! I am deeply hurt that you wuold keep such a normal piece  of information from me, your Loving and Faithful Aunt!!~I will write you a separate letter! Anyway, here is a SPECIAL BIRTDHAY PROFILE for You, JAMES, which I had calcuated just now, (at 1:32 p.m.),  and which I hope youshall enjoy reading, and learning about the "Special Day" that you were born!!! I clearly remember the day you were born, at the early morning time of 7:52 a.m. (You are a # 8 Life Path!!). Anyway, I am thinking of you today, and am very hurt that you are unwilling to even tell me where you live, or your actual telephone number! No, instead of a separate letter, I am going to telly ou now, what i think. You have lied to me, for maybe the past 5 years or more, always giving me a false number! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE TO YOU?  All I have EVER been is loving , kind, loyal, and GENEROUS to you, and so has your grandma, IRENE!! (: (: That you would treat me this way, and consequently, her, as well, is a terrible, cold way to be, JAMES, and even though, in my Birthday Card to you, (which I sent today, along with a monetary gift!), and i told y ou how proud and honored I am to be "Your Aunt"....I am afraid your actions and your lie has greatly disappointed me, and your "cold attitude" has hurt my feelings deeply!!****I know you probably don't even care, but I ask you to kindly READ what I am telling you! JAMES, you know, there is such a thing as "Kindness" and "Love", and honestly, your selfishness, your cold attitude, your lack of ever "going out of yoru way" for your Granmother or aunt, or even remembering either of us with a simple Card for our Once-a-Year Birthdays, is very disappointing and sad to me!!~(I am now continuing this, as I was not able to do it before)....I just sent you a copy at 1:47 p.m., and shalldo it,a gain, momentarily. I am sending this to you, JAMES, from the ******** ******* LIBRARY. I want you to know, JAMES, that both GRANDMA aand I have ALWAYS been here for you, and you could always come and confide in us, or come to us, if you had nowhere to go, etc. But you seem to have forgotten (how convenient!) ALL that we have done for you, and given you, over the past 30 years!!!***Believe me, when our birthdays go by, year after year, and we NEVER get a card from you, it really , really hurts us!! When I called your brother, and then, your Dad, this morning, to ask for your cell phone #, and your dad told me that you specifically told him NOT to give it to me....WHAT IS THAT ABOUT, JAMES???? What is your problem that you give it to everyone else, but NOt to the two people, GRANDMA and me, who have always been the most generous and caring towards you!!?? WHY?  I would like an actual, hnest answer from you, because you sure don't treat people the way they have treated you!! You make good money, you keep it all for yourself, and yet, once a year, you can't finda couple dollars to send us a card!? I would like 3 things from you, JAMES, in exchange for what I am giving you this day, on yur 30th Birthday!!!*** 1) First, I would like a birtdhay Card, also. OK? (I sent you an adorable Cat card today!)....2) I would like a THANK YOU Note/Card from you, thanking me, and telling me what you spent my little monetary gift on!? OK?....and....3) I would like to know WHY you have become so cold and rejecting toward the two people who have ALWAYS loved you, and stood by you!!?? I cannot believe how "cold" you have become, and it really hurts me!! At first, I used to defend you, and say you would grow out of it....but , sadly, you haven't!~ WHY IS THAT!? Anyway, remember, despite your lack of reciprocation or caring, GRANDMA and I have ALWYAYS LOVEd and SUPPORTED YOU, emotionally, and that you have become so uncaring, very much like your dad, (I am sorry to say), really causes us alot of sadness and distress!!~Anyway, JAMES, we both always wish you the BEST in life, and I hope and pray that you will soon get over this attitude of yours, and learn how to love....because, you know what, JAMES!? LOVE is what life is all about, and if you don't give back to others, you will be treated that same way someday, and believe me, yu will (then) remember my words....but, if you don't make a conscious effort to changes, won't enjoy life fully, and also, people will start to "reject" you, the same way as you have done to them. Well, Grandma and i will never reject you, but that is because we love you....but you will see, and when you reach our ages, and you are alone, and wondering where everyone else is....REMEMBER that you turned a "cold shoulder" to those who were among the closest to you!! I pray thast you will WAKE UP, long before then, and before it is "too late"!! OK, Honey? I am telling you for your own good. Anyway, I hope you are having a WONDERFUL and HAPPY, FUN, SUPER DAY today, and celebrating your Special 30th Birthday in just the way you want!!!*** HAPPY, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY, JAMES, and a Hundred More!!! HUGS and LOVE from Your Aunt Michelle....XOXOXOXOXOXO. Do write back. I am waiting to hear what you sepnt the $ 15.00 Gift on!~Let me know in a card, OK? I expect en e-mail letter, an explanation, and hopefully, a belated birthday card, too!! ~ P.S. I know one of the reasons you LIE to me, is because, for the past 5 - 10 years, you are "ashamed' to be seen with us!! (Me, because you think I am too big, and Grandma, because she is older). That is ridiculous, and very sad!!~You, too, will be old someday, if you are lucky, and so, remember....the way you treat others, will come back to you, in some way, someday. I wish yuo GOOD HEALTH, LOVE, HAPPINESS, and a LONG LIFE, JAMES!!~Love, Your Aunt. **********************************************************************


Your date of conception was on or about XX XXXXXXXX 1982 which was a Monday.
You were born on a Mondayunder the astrological sign Leo.Your Life path number is 8.Your fortune cookie reads: Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance. Life Path Compatibility:
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Every Breath You Take by Police Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
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Sardonyx, Diamond, Jade
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Cedar, the Confidence
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