Wednesday, March 7, 2012

When is enough, enough?

So I’ve been happily working my new job now. It’s been over a month since working my new position, making more money, in a stress-free drama-free environment.  Life in general has been treating me very well, my jobs health benefits kicked in, I’ve been happily enjoying my remaining time working focusing on one of my hobbies, editing videos, and I just recently bought a new car.

Ever since switching jobs, I’ve tried to put my past behind me.  I’ve tried not to think about the miserable time I had working at my old job, dealing with the same individual whom has made my life stressful because of the way she likes to run things.  Since I quit back on January 28th, she has made a few attempts to communicate with me.  I’ve made it a point to not provide any response because I’ve learned working for her over the last 8 years if you give her an inch, she’ll try to take a mile. Well naturally since she can’t get a hold of me directly, she goes through my parents.  I was right in assuming this because I eventually got an email saying she needed me for some additional training.  To make matters worse, my dad made the mistake of mentioning to her I bought a new car which she now is using as a means of convincing me to help her out.

She tells them she has a proposition for me.  Apparently the guy whom she hired and I trained isn’t working out.  She said “he has the energy of an 80 year old”.  He’s been constantly late and absent from work which has forced them to reimburse thousands of dollars to a client as they weren’t able to get a time sensitive task done in time. So she hired a new person whom is eventually going to replace him. She blames me for her poor choice in hiring my replacement because I didn’t give her enough time.  I’m calling bullshit on this because I gave her 3 weeks to find somebody.  She instead chose to spend at least half that time dealing with trying to acquire a condo by the beach.  If that’s how she wanted to spend her time, it’s her fault, not mine. In addition she argues since I got a new car, the proposition should be more appealing as I can use the money she’s willing to pay to put towards paying off my car.

I politely declined her offer as frankly I don’t want anything more to with her or her company.  I spent a week and a half writing up a detailed step-by-step manual on how to do the job, in addition included screenshots to further assist my replacement in getting the job done. Well it turns out, after all the time I spent on those manuals, they aren’t good enough for her, and apparently my replacement isn’t good enough by her standards either to train the new employee because of his personal issues.

To make matters worse, I got my dad telling me he thinks I did the right thing by declining on the assumption that if I give another inch she’ll as much as she can, which I know she will.  Am I being an asshole in refusing? I know legally I have no obligation to her anymore, but here she is calling my parents telling them that her husband is on disability until he recovers from his surgery, and there’s a likely chance his job will lay him off.  On top of that apparently her assistant’s (who works at my old job) husband recently got laid off.  After declining her offer, she sends me another email asking to reconsider and had this to add:
"Are you saying you won’t’ put yourself out for me or my family that has known you for since I was 10 years old and always put themselves out for you? That you don’t’ care if we lose everything? If this is what you are saying, it is unbelievable for a few well paid hours of your time."
See this is type of manipulation and drama I dealt with everyday I when working there.  Everything at my old job was personal.  It put me in an awkward position because she was friends with my parents.  I can tell you that every time we (me & my boss) butted heads she’s cry and bitch to my dad.  Look at it from my point of view, would you appreciate it if your boss whined & cried to your parents every time an incident at work happened?  It’s fucking bullshit. I got one side of me saying I should help assuming her statement ‘everybody’s livelihood is at stake’ is true which that itself I’m unsure is true or not as my boss loves to makes things more dramatic than they really are.

The other side of me is telling me that I shouldn’t do it, as it just proves how weak I am (especially as I initially declined her offer) and how good she as at manipulating me. Need an example?  Here I thought I left my old job on good terms.  Per her request I basically documented everything in explicit detail as best as I could with those manuals, and trained my replacement with the time left. Let’s not forget the fact that I gave her an extra week in finding my replacement.  Again let me reiterate, she was more focused in trying to acquire this beach condo then she was with trying to get my replacement.  I know this for a fact as EVERYDAY that I was in that office, she’d walk around the office on her cell phone talking to her lawyer or whomever discussing what her legal options were. She had no problem making this obvious. She had her assistant helping out with that whole ordeal too.  Even during the time when I was training my replacement, she was still focused on the whole condo thing.  So as far as the “you didn’t give me enough time” argument goes, she’s full of shit.

Enough already.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earbuds are bullshit

These $10 JVC earphones sound just as good
if not better than those Beats Earbuds

Let me say for the record that earbuds are a joke. I got this pair of Beats Earbuds that came with this phone I got and those earbuds have been nothing short of a nightmare when trying to use them.

First of all, earbuds by default are a flawed design. They have to physically go into your ear. And alot of these earbud makers don't even include different size earpieces to accommodate your ears. Fortunately the included beats earbuds that I use did. However, even with me trying out all the different size pieces, those fucking earbuds keep fallout off.  So I give up, I'm getting earphones that sit on the outside of your ears rather then ones that go in...

What's funny is those Beats audio earphones are supposedly worth $100 but I honestly I'm underwhelmed by how they sound... These $10 JVC earphones I have sound just as good, if not better.