Monday, February 9, 2009

Following up on MMS for Sprint's Blackberries

[caption id="attachment_1306" align="alignright" width="186" caption="Frustrated at the fact that Sprint still cannot properly implement MMS, a technology almost 5 years old into their Blackberry phones."]Frustrated at the lack of MMS[/caption]

I've been continuously posting on the official Sprint forums about the half-assed job they did implementing MMS for the Blackberries, hoping to get some kind of acknowledgment from Sprint.

Having the ability to compose and send out MMS messages to other people no longer isn't a problem; however the problem for us is that whenever we receive MMS messages, rather then actually getting an MMS message, we're getting a text message containing a link to go view our message online on the Sprint Pictures website.

It has always worked this way since Sprint first released the Blackberry phones... Granted then we didn't have the ability to send out MMS messages directly, but the link to go check your MMS messages always ran through the Sprint picture mail website.

It's pretty sad when there are official Sprint representatives that also have no problem sharing their frustration with the picture mail service.  One of Sprint's Admins halcyoncmdr posted his opinion on a thread labeled "Ditch Picturemail and Go to Full MMS" and had this to say:
To be completely honest I agree with this.

PictureMail has advantages, but overall it seems to cause more issues and slow things down when it can really just be avoided.

I say new devices should be true MMS capable utilizing a normal MMS system and just keep the PictureMail services around for a while for those with older devices that are PM and not MMS capable.

A couple people posted they have switched carriers as a result of this.  One poster going by the name RIM said:
I finally got fed up with Sprint and canceled my phone and now I'm with Verizon, it's a little more expensive but I definitely get better service.

As it stands now, Sprint has a huge problem when it comes to them trying to sustain customers.  Considering the shit I went through when I first tried signing up for service back in late 2007, I ask myself to this day why I decided to stay with them. In Sept. of '07, I shared my experience about the hell I went activating my service over at  I find it incredibly stupid that my old hybrid phone the Motorola IC902 (released Q2 of 2007) had true MMS, yet a newer Blackberry (released for Sprint May 2008) phone (which fully supports MMS with every other carrier) does not.  Who the hell made the call on that?  Whomever it was, I hope that individual was one of those people that was canned from their recent layoff.

Despite Sprint having the best plans for the Blackberry phones, I'm contemplating making a switch soon if Sprint doesn't get this shit fixed soon.

See this post to read the updates about the MMS implementation as they come in.