Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm gonna shoot the neighbors pet

[caption id="attachment_1246" align="alignright" width="300" caption="WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU OWN A ROOSTER IN A SUBURBAN RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD?"]WHO THE FUCK OWNS A ROOSTER IN A RESIDENTIAL CITY?[/caption]

You see that picture?  That's going to be somebody's fucking pet the next time I hear that god damned thing.  I'm so damn irate right now, writing this as it's 7AM in the morning and I had plans sleeping in.  For the last two hours, I've heard this piece of shit rooster crow nonstop.  I'm so fed up with these out of control animals.  Every house surrounding me has some type of pet, whether it being a dog, or cat.  In this case, somebody a couple of houses down owns a fucking rooster.  Getting waken up early at the crack of dawn (especially on my day off) to a barking dog is bad enough, but when it's dogs AND roosters, what the fuck man...

Why a rooster you might ask?  That's a good fucking question which I wish I had the answer to.  All I know is ownership of farm animals (chickens, cows, pigs, sheep) are not permitted in my area for obvious reasons...  Because IT'S NOT A FARM.  So what reason why somebody need to own a rooster?  Well the only answer I could come up with is the asshole that lives there is probably too fucking lazy to buy an alarm clock and rather hear an authentic "cocka-doodle-do" then from an alarm clock.  I can assure you this shit is going to be coming into to an end sooner or later.  I went outside and listened to see who the douchebag is that owns the animal so I could get an address.   I've already called animal control and put in a complaint.  If they don't do something about it soon.  Well that picture above speaks for itself.

Is it asking for too much when I expect a little peace and quiet?  I mean it's bad enough hearing dogs and fucking firetruck/ambulance sirens going off 10+ times a day (due to the fact that I live nearby the stations) but I don't need a rooster thrown in the equation...