Thursday, February 5, 2009

MMS for Sprint Blackberrys is LIVE...Sorta

HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT FINALLY HAPPENED!  Sprint (unannounced) finally enabled the service book for the ability to send MMS messages.

I was randomly checking the Crackberry forums and I came across this thread labeled Mms!!! and I figured it was just some person asking when we'd be getting it.  But surprisingly he said it was working for him!

I checked my phone, and I didn't see the option to "Compose MMS" so I resent my service books, and checked again, and there was the option!

Now however, when receiving MMS messages, I'm still getting a link that I need to click on to view the message.  I believe this is probably why Sprint hasn't made any official announcements yet as they're probably still working out the kinks.

At least now I have the option of sending pictures directly to somebody's phone number without having to figure out what carrier they are and having to add an email address to send the attachment to.

Edit: SarahKS has posted on the forums about the way MMS is supposed to work.  The method of sending out the MMS is simply a matter of now selecting "Send MMS" on the Blackberry, however the method in which we receive will still come as a SMS text with a link to go on their Picturemail website and check your message.

I have a follow up  post regarding getting the receiving end of MMS fixed becuase the current implementation of MMS is just unacceptable.

See this post to read the updates about the MMS implementation as they come in.