Friday, March 6, 2009

Video Review: SteelSeries WoW Gaming Mouse

At the time I recorded the footage for this review, the website really was down. I wasn't kidding...  I wasn't able to review the usage of the mouse until I was able to get the software necessary to program the additional mouse buttons.  That's why there wasn't any review of me actually using the mouse.

There was another thing I realized after I finished putting the video review together.  The button on the right side of the mouse is actually one of those double clicker buttons (kind of like the volume or channel buttons would be on your remote.)  When I was checking out the mouse, I didn't hear a clicking sound when I clicked on the upper end of that button... My mistake.  So technically, the mouse has 17 buttons; if you also include clicking down on the scroller as a button.

[flashvideo file= width=500 height=281 /]