Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Palm Pre Info: additional features

The more I learn about the Palm Pre, the more impressive the phone looks.

Upon reading around on the net, I discovered some interesting tidbits:

Palm investor, Roger McNamee, talked about on the Tech Ticker show with The Palm Pre can check your calendar and download things such as maps and Wikipedia entries for the people, places and organizations you are going to visit for the whole day, all in advance without you having to do anything other than turn the setting on.

In addition it can also tell if you're going to be late to an appointment.  Using the Pre’s GPS, clock and calendar functionality, the device can check the calendar to see where you are supposed to be and at what time - it will then check where you actually are (i.e, 5 miles away from where you are supposed to be) and then warn you that you are going to be late, calculate roughly how late you are going to be, and email all of the involved parties to let them know you’ll be however minutes late.

Now that's fucking cool.