Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A users positive experience/story from a Sprint

At least Sprint is tryingUsually whenever you hear user stories and their experiences with Telco companies, they're negative.

While I was browsing the CrackBerry Forums, I came across a Sprint user that took the prerogative to directly e-mail Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, and actually got his problem addressed.

User 0pusX from the CrackBerry Forums shares his story:
I am still so impressed at the response I have received I am still a bit shell shocked.

So Friday afternoon I decide to shoot an email to dan@sprint.com. All I did was explain the situation. When at work phone is constantly on roam. No EVDO connection thus causing battery to die quickly and causing my co-workers Moto v950 to never have direct connect service. I also wrote that we work in a 911 Dispatch center and use direct connect quite often and love the potential to have direct connect AND EVDO on the qChat devices...... if only we didn't roam.

Fast forward to today at about 3pm. My co-worker tells me someone is here to see me. Imagine my surprise when I find out it is a Engineer from Sprint. Drove from the other side of the state to get some readings and talk to me. I tell him our issue and he witnesses it by looking down at his curve 8330 only to see no service. (I'm guessing he had roaming off).

Now it is 5:20 and my phone rings. It is a Exec Services Rep telling me they are working on my case and needed me to get a bit more info for her. She gave me all her contact info and once I get the info she needed she said she can go forward with fixing the problem. She noticed I had switched to an 8350i on iDen and I told her while that was true I do want to go back to my 8330 asap.

She apologized several times for my troubles and thanked me for my continued business.

I am so blown away that the next business day after sending the email they had people working on this. Now as soon as I get here some names they can get working on a solution.

KUDOS SPRINT!!! You earned a few lifetime customers today (me and 2 of my CDMA using co-workers were also very impressed)

Good job Sprint.

(Note: original posting from 0posX had alot of spelling errors that I corrected)

I wonder had this guy left out the fact that he works in a 911 dispatch center, if Sprint would have responded.   But in any event, it's nice to come across stories like this and know that the company is at least trying.  I will give Sprint credit, they have been slowly turning things around, especially in customer care.