Monday, March 2, 2009

L.A. County attempting a cuss-free week

[caption id="attachment_1574" align="alignright" width="200" caption="Hey... I'll swear if I want.... Bitch!"]Hey... I'll swear if I want.... Bitch![/caption]

HAHAHHA HAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAAHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH... Yeah right.  I think maybe a whole 10 people might actually go along with this...

This Tuesday, the L.A. County Board of Assholes...err Supervisors are scheduled to issue a proclamation making the first week of March a "No Cussing Week."  Of course this proclamation isn't mandatory, it's to help spread the god damn word.  Otherwise it would violate our first amendment.

So no swearing from the cold as fuck Pacific Ocean coastline to the really fucking hot as hell Mojave Desert.

The idea was inspired from McKay Hatch, 15 years old who founded the "No Cussing Club."  The idea happened around 7th grade when McKay noticed his friends were starting to swear, which was something that his family prohibited... What assholes!

"It's not about forcing anyone to stop, just to bring awareness," he says of the movement. "If you can do a week without cussing, maybe you can do two weeks. And then maybe a month."  Yeah then you'll expect a year from us next... You self-centered fucktard.

Hey I like cussing.  Some people cuss more then others.  Now I will agree that if you're one of those people that feel the need to insert a cuss word into every sentence, then you're probably an uneducated redneck that never finished the 3rd grade, with the exception of the Angry Video Game Nerd of course. :)

Oh if you think I'm offended or against McKay's idea of spreading the word or of his "No Cussing Club", I'm not... I just felt the need to swear a lot in this blog post for some reason... ;)


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