Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sprint policy matches their website? No Blackberry for me.

[caption id="attachment_514" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Sprint CSRs are clueless."]Sprint CSRs are clueless.[/caption]

I recently tried to upgrade my phone to the Blackberry 8330.  I went to the Sprint store and logged in and went straight the phone I knew I wanted.  It showed I would receive the full discount and rebate.

Click upgrade phone! Select the phone!......aaaaaand oh dear, you do not have a compatible plan.  Damn, having issues.  Off to call Sprint to make sure if I upgrade my plan I could then buy the phone.  Alternatively, perhaps I could have the Sprint CSR upgrade the plan and order the phone at the same time!?  GREAT IDEA!!

Ok, things just started going wrong at this point. They said I didn't have my phone long enough to get the discount and wanted me to pay $500+ for the phone; despite my request to have the extended contract to get the phone.  What the CSR said and what the website said were 100% different.  This last hours between 3 CSR's and online chat help.

The website would let me get the phone at the discount if I had the right plan, but the CSR says I need to buy a second line or I don't have the existing phone long enough to upgrade at a discount.  If I could safely take the risk of upgrading the plan myself, I might be able to get the phone.  I've given up for the moment and I am seeking a Blackberry 8330 on Ebay. *sigh*