Monday, December 22, 2008

Burger King creates "Meat Scented" cologne for men

[caption id="attachment_1159" align="alignright" width="312" caption="Burger King coudln't have done a better job then using their pedophile looking mascot to advertise their 'manly' cologne."]Burger King coudln't have done a better job then using their mascot to advertise their 'manly' cologne.[/caption]

You know, Burger King is one of major corporations that have underwent numerous  internal reorganizations then any other.  And I can't imagine why.  I wonder what pencil pushing nut-job gave the green light on this decision.

Burger King now has available to purchase in their cologne for men called "Flame by BK" that comes in these 5-ml bottles and these are available in Ricky's stores (in NY City) and on a special website for the product: for $3.99.

On the website, they use the satire "Sexy is Serious."  Judging by the design of this website, I can't take it seriously; but then again, how could you take it seriously to begin with?

[caption id="attachment_1158" align="alignleft" width="88" caption="The Flame Colonge by Burger King"]The Flame Colonge by Burger King[/caption]

Luis Bejaran whom manages a Ricky's store said "My assumption when I heard about it was that it would smell like french fries and burgers.  It's a combination of Axe body spray, TAG and this YSL cologne I have.  It's one of those scents that's not sweet, and light at the same time."  But as of the afternoon of Wednesday, Dec 17th, the store sold 10 bottles.

One of Luis coworkers said "It doesn't seem like the best choice for a man."  (I couldn't agree more.)

Shouldn't the cologne be for women to use to attract their man?  It would make more sense if it were marketed that way, although I don't know a single chick whom be caught dead wearing this stuff.  In regards to a man using the product, I can't help but only picture a hick redneck, or some fat lumberjack man wanting to wear this stuff.

There have been more bizarre products out there to buy, but a fast-food chain attempting to sell products other then food is going to be really tough.