Friday, December 19, 2008

Airborne agrees to pay $7 Million settlement

[caption id="attachment_1133" align="alignright" width="196" caption="One of the Airborne products"]One of the Airborne products[/caption]

Airborne Health Inc. agreed to discontinue their claims about the health benefit performance, and efficacy or saftety of their Airborne product on Dec. 16th.

This settlement was a result of people whom purchased Airborne that were not getting their money's worth as there was no actual proof that Airborne could help against your cold symptons.

Bob Cooper, Tennessee Attorney General, filed the lawsuid claiming that their marketing materials implied that its products were approved by the U.S. FDA.

"Airborne dramatically misrepresented its products as cold remedies without any scientific evidence to back up its claims," California Attorney General Brown said. "Under this agreement, the company will stop advertisements that suggest that its products are a cure for the common cold."

Despite the $7 million settlement, Airborne didn't admit to anything wrong.


The reason for the posting of this story is to point out the obvious bullcrap this product Airborne is.  A few of my good friends take this stuff whenever they're sick and I know for a fact that this stuff doesn't do anything.  I've taken it on several occasions in the past and I didn't feel any different one day to the next.  As far as I'm concerned, this stuff doesn't work.  But that's just me.