Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CNN using holograms for their news

[caption id="attachment_897" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Jessica Yellin talking about the presidential election."]Jessica Yellin talking about the presidential election.[/caption]

Wolf Blitzer from CNN interviewed Jessica Yellin via a "hologram" to discuss the presidential election. (By the way, congrats Obama!)  I can't help but feel very annoyed at the fact that CNN has to go through all this effort for a fucking interview...  I mean seriously... Are we watching the news here, or are we watching Star Wars?

I can appreciate the fact that CNN is trying to take part in the new technologies out there, like using Twitter, etc, but I think using this hologram technology is way over the top.  I watched this interview, and honestly I could give a shit what they were discussing.  I was so annoyed/distracted at what I was watching I'd had come here to bitch about it.  It's just stupid, leave the special effects for the movies, your viewers have nothing to gain from watching a hologram of somebody.  We want news, not Star Wars. That stunt isn't going to help your ratings honestly, if anything it's going to freak alot of people out, especially those southern rednecks. (if they actually watch CNN)

I should note that obviously a hologram means it's just a projected image of something being displayed, what Wolf Blitzer was looking at was a blue or red dot where Jessica is supposed to appear.

Just keep the interviews simplified?  There's nothing wrong with having two boxes side by side on my screen.  I'm okay with that you know...

[caption id="attachment_898" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="...Why?"]...Why?