Friday, May 10, 2013

'Delivery Fees' and why they're BULLSHIT

So I dunno if I'm the only one here that has noticed this, but have you ever tried to order pizza online and have it delivered?   Most of the major pizza franchises like Dominos,. Pizza Hut charge whats called a 'delivery fee'. 

So what exactly is this delivery fee?   Well that's a good question that I would like to know myself.    So it's Friday, and I've had a few margaritas.  I'm somewhat hungry, and I really don't feel like driving for obvious reasons.  So I figure: "Well the best thing to do is to order out a pizza & have it delivered.." 

So I start preparing my order and at first I wanted to order a stuff crust pizza from Pizza Hut (stuffed crust pizza is the only reason why I would order pizza from Pizza Hut).  So I build my order, and I give them my address and I go to total my order.... Then I see this:
"Total does not include tip.  Please remember to show your appreciation to your driver."
   So what the fuck is this $3.00 delivery charge for if it doesn't cover the top?   This Pizza Hut is literally less then 2 miles from my location and they charge a $3 fee for what?  The convenience of being able to have a pizza delivered to your door?  $3 is about what you'd tip the guy for a pizza.  Especially if they don't have to drive that far to have the pizza delivered to you...   So what... I'm expected to pay $5+ dollars for having pizza delivered to my door?   What a fucking rip off!

So I figured okay, well fuck Pizza Hut, a mandatory '$3 delivery charge' seems like a blatant scam to me..

Alright well let's see what Dominos Pizza has to offer.  I like their pan pizzas... So I  begin to prepare the same order:

Uh... What the fuck... 'Any delivery charge is not a tip paid to your driver.'  So what hell is this $2.25 fee supposed to cover exactly??!  The convenience of being able to select the 'delivery' option online??!

Can somebody explain to me what exactly these fees are for?  If I were to order these pizzas for 'carry out' they won't add this 'delivery charge' fee to me... So why am I having to pay an extra $2-$3 fee if it doesn't go towards the tip?   What the hell is the justification for this?  For the convenience of being able to select the option online to "deliver my pizza?"  This sounds like a scam to me... So what if I were to order my pizza over the phone?   Would they also charge me a 'delivery fee'?   Well that I cannot answer as I cannot stand having to wait on hold forever...

All I can tell you is if you decide to order pizza online, be sure to order it for 'carryout' because otherwise these asshole pizza companies will charge you extra for absolutely no rational reason other than for the convenience to have the pizza delivered to your door, but remember, this doesn't cover the tip...  What a crock of shit.