Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Windows Vista + Networked Samsung Printers = Bullshit

"I guarantee you you'll love our stupid
fucking piece of shit that doesn't work!"
Man I hate Vista with a fucking passion.  Seriously, I think Microsoft should make good and offer FREE upgrades to Windows 7 for every PC that came preloaded with Vista...I'm aware they did it for PC's that were bought 6 months prior to 7's release date, but they really should make good on the older PCs too.

Let me tell you something.... I spent 2 hours today at work, TRYING to get Vista to talk to a networked Samsung laser printer.. Every time I ran through the prompts, fucking Vista kept telling me "It doesn't have enough memory to complete the operation" which is a total bullshit error message.  How much memory exactly does a computer need to talk to a printer? Bullshit I tell you..

So naturally, I Google the error message, and unsurprisingly, other people with Vista + their Samsung printer were having this EXACT same issue.

Some people suggested installing the printer drivers locally to the computer, then assigning the local port to the network path address, which I did (\\Dell-Vostro\ml-1710) and it still didn't work.

I tried doing another trick where you have the Network folder/files expanded to the PC & have the printer's properties in a Windows Explorer window, then follow the Network Printer setup wizard... It's supposed to have an active connection to the computer & printer...  Nope, that didn't work either...

What I find strange, is I had this same exact problem with my personal workstation, the only difference between that computer and mine is I'm running Windows 7.  I used the trick by installing the printer drivers locally on my machine, and setting the network path address in the printer properties; 20 seconds later, I successfully printed a test page.. So what the fuck....

So after countless attempts, and workarounds, I said 'fuck it' and I just set the default printer to another networked printer we have in the other room within the office.  That computer will now print to a Brother Fax machine, which ironically took me 10 seconds to configure it... Fuck you Vista... And fuck you too Samsung.

P.S. Don't buy Samsung smartphones, they use shit radios in their cellphones.  I've returned 3 Galaxy phones becuase where I live I couldn't get a signal despite my old HTC phones getting near perfect signal.  From now on, I'll stick with HTC, or Motorola products.