Saturday, October 8, 2011

CA Gov Jerry Brown signs "Dream Act"

I'm at a loss of words right now... Actually the word 'disgusted' might be more appropriate.

I don't normally like to get into political discussions, but I can't help but comment on what happened today...

First of all.. I don't consider myself a democrat, or a republican.  Both parties are complete pieces of shit as far as I'm concerned... The democratic party is the very reason why California is in a financial crisis to begin with.

These democratic legislators that run our state have bascially run it to the ground.  California is the worst state to do business in.  We rank dead last when it comes to incentives running a business here.

Still don't believe me? Fucking Google it.

This state literally has a fucking tax for EVERYTHING. Businesses get hurt the most out of it, which is why small businesses are closing up shop and moving elsewhere.  Why would any rational person want to run a business here if you can't make money?  It's a waste of time.

With the number of businesses decreasing, this also leaves less jobs for CA residents and ultimately, less money for the state to spend.  But that didn't matter because the state already spent more then what it earned from taxes.  The legislation that runs this country clearly doesn't know how to do basic math. 

So what is the Dream Act?  It was a bill proposed by "One Bill" Gil Cedillo that basically allows illegal immigrants to apply for in-state tuition for college.. You know, the money legal CA residents pay out of their pockets?  Yeah our tax dollars now will start funding illegal immigrants starting January 2013.

I'm pissed off because this bullshit encourages illegal immigration.. These are people whom drive our streets uninsured and without driver licenses, whom don't pay taxes (because they can't be legally hired) and we as a society have to accept this shit give special treatment to these illegals.  Why even bother having a process of becoming a legal U.S. citizen? This law basically spits in the face tax paying citizen and every immigrant whom has gone through the legal process.

Fuck you Jerry Brown, and fuck you Gil Cedillo. I hope both of you fucking rot in hell and die a slow pain death. You're fucking disgraces and betrayers to the American people.

It's no wonder why this state is in the toilet... We have dipshits like these people running the state... Seriously I think it's time a revolution and recall of every representative legislator/congress member and have the rug pulled from under them.  This state continues to dig itself into a deeper hole and now it's so deep you can't even see the light when looking up that's how far down it is.