Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AT&T pulls the ol' "Bait & Switch" for the iPad

The Real AT&T

AT&T yesterday announced changes coming to their 3G data plans... These changes will affect everybody on the AT&T network including iPad and iPhone users.  Below the new plans are to go into effect June 7th:
  • Dataplus: 200MB per month for $15 ($15 extra charge if you exceed 200MB)
  • Datapro: 2GB per month for $25 ($10 extra charge per gig overage)

AT&T was offering unlimited 3G plans for $30/month for iPad users, current customers will be grandfathered in, however any customer purchasing a 3G iPad after June 7th won't have that luxury.

AT&T claims that 98% of their existing customers should not exceed more then 2GB per month.

I seriously doubt that is the case for those iPad users with Netflix subscriptions whom stream video over 3G.  It's pretty crappy of AT&T to make these changes especially considering how that Steve Jobs advertised unlimited 3G as a benefit for owning the iPad.

Jobs has yet to comment directly on AT&T making these changes, but something tells me he's not happy about it.