Friday, April 9, 2010

Mythic/EA overcharges subscribers accounts... Some as many as 80+ times


Mythic Entertainment, known for their MMO games: Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online recently had a fiasco that they'll never be able to recover from.  Apparently their billing systems glitched resulting in charging their active (and some inactive) subscribers as many as up to 80+ times resulting in overcharges exceeding $1000+ dollars.. More in overdraft charges if people didn't have enough money in their accounts.

Mythic claims they have addressed the issue with their billing system and that the overcharges should be reversed starting today.

According to some posters on their forums, people whom unsubscribed as long as six months ago were also charged numerous times.  One has to wonder why ANY billing system would still hold customer's credit card information when the company has no reason to bill them after the fact.

Dark Age of Camelot, released October 2001 had as many as 200,000+ subscribers, according to Wikipedia, their subscriber base was down to an estimated 50,000 subscribers as of January 2008.  One can assume that number is much less now two years later...  One thing's for sure, they're going to lose alot more now as some of these subscribers can't pay their bills now.  This billing fiasco Mythic faced very well might be nail in the coffin for that game.

Also keep in mind Mythic is now part of EA... So uh yeah... Word of advice, don't buy any EA game online (via their online store) or subscribe to any future EA MMO anytime soon. I can't help but wonder if EA is using the same billing system.