Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sprint now offering customers unlimited mobile calls regardless of what network you may be calling


Yesterday Sprint sent out an email to all their premiere customers (anybody whom pay more then $60 per month) saying tomorrow's announcement is going to be BIG.  Yesterday I was reading around on the PreCentral forums, and the rumors were that Sprint was going be offering exactly what they announced today: Unlimited mobile-to-mobile.  Meaning regardless of whose cell phone you call, your minutes won't be counted against you.

This is a pretty bold move on Sprint's part.  I'd be curious to see how the other cell providers react and if they make any changes on their end to counter this.  It's hard to argue that Sprint's plans suck, as they've always offered the most they can, at the lowest price.  Despite Sprint having the best plans, you can't argue that their coverage is the best.  Verizon definitely takes the trophy in having the best coverage, but that's not really an issue for Sprint customers as we can roam through the Verizon network at no additional cost (depending on what plan you have).

Regardless, the announcement from my carrier comes as good news to me as 99.9% of calls I make are to my friends cell phones.

Thank you Sprint.