Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apparently PETA has a problem with Obama swapping flies

[caption id="attachment_2130" align="alignright" width="275" caption="A photoshopped picture I did of President Obama holding the 'Peta approved' Katcha Bug product."]A photoshopped picture of Obama holding the 'Peta approved' catcher[/caption]

If you're one that spends like 80 hours a day (despite that not being physically possible) watching videos online, you might have seen the infamous Obama fly swat video.

Despite Obama having awesome ninja skills taking care of that fly, apparently now PETA has a problem with him swatting them.  Vice President of PETA, Bruce Friedrich said "We support giving insects the benefit of the doubt.  We'd prefer brushing flies away rather then killing them."

Yesterday afternoon (June 17th 2009) PETA sent Obama over a Katcha Bug, a device that traps insects and allows your free them.  They hope that Obama will use this catcher should the occasion arise again.

All I can say is that this organization is fucking INSANE to ask for such oddball requests.  These guys must literally sit on their asses all day and think (to a point beyond rationality) about what can we do to infuriate people.  I mean seriously... They're fucking FLIES... They spread around bacteria and disease.  Who the fuck cares the flies well-being?  What stupid shit.  I think somebody ought to release a swarm of flies inside the PETA offices and see what their true reaction would be.

What dumb fucks...

If you haven't you didn't see the video it's here you go:

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