Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Apologies for the lack of updates

[caption id="attachment_2076" align="alignright" width="230" caption="My Draenei Mage: Mirgy.  This is actually my character with the equipped gear."]My Draenei Mage: Mirgy[/caption]

I wanted apologize for the lack of updates on the site.  The reason for my absence is I've been so sidetracked with WoW.  I got fed up with playing a Death Knight because everybody in the guild I'm in has a DK or a DK alt.  The only reason why I rolled a DK to begin with was to avoid having to level from 1-80, as DK's get a headstart at level 55.

I kinda knew when I first leveled my Death Knight that there was going to be alot of competition because lets face it — DKs are the flavor of the year class.  With everybody being a DK, it made getting into groups (PVE & PVP) somewhat difficult.

As a result, I stopped playing WoW for some time as I was bored with my DK.  As somebody whom has played a DK since the launch of the Lich King expansion, I can say with confidence that DKs to this day are STILL very overpowered.  I found the play style of PVPing with a DK is boring because there is little to no strategy involved, you can pretty much faceroll any class 1 vs 1.

At some point I nearly gave up leveling my mage.  Despite Blizzard making leveling up easier, it still SUCKS major ass leveling in classic WoW (levels 1-58).  Once I reached the expansion areas, I was able to blast through levels 58-80 in a matter of a week and a half.

I always had a thing for mages, my very first character in WoW was an undead mage named Mirgy.  I've always enjoyed the strategy involved PVPing with Frost talents.  Blizzard has done a very good job with the frost talent tree - especially since they changed the Blizzard spell where it now can crit.  Every time I cast that spell and see numbers spamming my screen, I squeal like a little girl does at a Jonas Brothers concert.

The sad thing is the mage I leveled already outgears (at least in PVE) my DK in gear.  That's what happens when you don't have to compete against 30 other people with the same class as you.

I kinda regret using my name Mitalis for the DK, as that character is no longer my main.  I used to use the name Mirgy alot in the past, in fact, the first character I created in WoW was an Undead Mage named Mirgy.  I wish there was I way I could easily swap the names and name my mage Mitalis, but you can't always get your way.

In any event, now you know where all my spare time has been.  Leveling a character from scratch to 1-80 is no quick task.  But now it's been done I'll have more free time to post again.