Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Doctor wants 1.5 million back from ex-wife for kidney donation

surgeryDr Richard Batista, a vascular surgeon at New York’s Nassau University Medical Centre, is asking for 1.5 million in compensation for the kidney he donated to his ex-wife in order to save her life.

Dr. Bastista's lawyer, Dominick Barbara said in a press interview "In theory we actually asked for the return of the kidney.  Of course he wouldn't really ask for that but the value of it."

Bastista was married to his wife for 10 years, but they ended up in divorce in 2005 over her having an affair with her physiotherapist.  Since being served with divorce papers, she has refused him from being able to see his 3 kids.

This particular case is the first of its kind.  It sot be heard sometime soon at the New York Supreme Court.  Getting compensated back for the value of the kidney is unlikely as the sale of organs in the US against the law.