Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The little things that piss me off.

I always wanted to get Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, as it looked like a pretty fun game to play.  The asking price for the game for the longest time was $34.99 and there's no way in hell I'd pay that much for a handheld game.  I ended up buying it after seeing it on sale at Best Buy for $19.99.

In any case, I started playing the game and so far so good.  The first two levels of the game are your typical "beach" themed level w/ palm trees everywhere, and the bright blue sky.  Basically like any other Sonic game, you run very fast going from left to right, collecting rings, and completing the stages.

[caption id="attachment_773" align="alignright" width="200" caption="This is the obscure angle you get when Eggman attempts to run you over."][/caption]

Now here's where it turns to shit... The first boss encounter is FUCKING hard... And it's not hard in a way where the encounter itself being hard, but hard in the result of the fucking camera angle.  Eggman (formerly known as Robotnik) has this hammer type weapon that slams into the ground and on occasion unattach itself from the neck and rolls around trying to run you over.  When he attempts to run you over, the camera point of view changes obscuring your point of view, and makes it difficult to time your jump.

As Eggman gets closer and closer to defeat, the speed increases making it harder to time that jump.  What really sucks is if you miss the jump, you're dead... Not the type of death where if you get hit, you lose all your rings, I mean DEAD, as in you have to do the damn encounter over, as the asshole knocks you off the stage.

I don't know what it is, but when it comes to Sonic games and 3D, these games become a curse; but I wouldn't necessarily put this game under that category.  The 3D Sonic games for the newer consoles are the cursed games, as they are fucking awful.  Awful in many ways:

  • Shitty level designs

  • Shitty stories

  • Shitty new characters (Bunny, Rogue, that Alligator guy, and a few thousand others)

  • Shitty voice acting (god give it up Sega)

  • Shitty feeling when you lose your rhythm from having Sonic brush up against shit causing him to constantly stop or slow down

Sega has never been able to truly make a 3D Sonic game as fun to play as the classic Sonic games that were on Sega Genesis.  Even Sonic 3D Blast, despite being on the Sega Genesis was pretty bad.

Back to Sonic Rush...

In any event, I'm annoyed at the fact that Sega implemented this pseudo 3D crap for this particular boss encounter as I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FUCKING BEAT IT DESPITE THE COUNTLESS ATTEMPTS I'VE MADE.  Why in the flying FUCK is the 1st boss encounter so easy and so difficult at the same time?  If you assholes kept the damn camera locked in one position, I wouldn't be tearing my god damned hair out and venting my frustration about this fucking shit.

So you know what?  Fuck this game, I can't beat it, and I've become so frustrated with it I don't want to play this shit anymore.


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