Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anti-game partisan, Jack Thompson DISBARRED

[caption id="attachment_731" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Jack Thompson, part douchebag, part asshole loses his privileges as an attorney."]Jack Thompson, part douchebag, part asshole loses his privilages as an attorney.[/caption]

If you're a fan of video games, and find yourself frequently reading up on video game news, then you've probably heard the name Jack Thompson before.   Jack Thompson is one of these dumbass people that have a personal vendetta against violent video games.  He makes these cases claiming the violence in todays video games are what bring kids to go on shooting rampages, (like Columbine) and therefore these games ought to be banned.   There have been numerous tests & surveys performed that have resulted in similar conclusions stating that video games have an insiginificant role on the decisions that todays kids make.

To give you an idea on Thompson's douchebag-ness, here's an example of a stunt he pulled:
In 1992, a complaint from Thompson led Florida Secretary of State Jim Smith to withhold a $25,000 grant to the Miami Film Festival; Thompson claimed that the festival was using state money to show pornographic films. In response, Thompson was named an "Art Censor of the Year" by the ACLU.  The next month, Thompson faced disbarment over allegations that he lied while making accusations against prominent Dade County lawyer Stuart Z Grossman.  Thompson ultimately admitted violating bar rules of professional conduct, including charges that he contacted people represented by an attorney without first contacting their attorneys, and agreed to pay $3,000 in fines and receive a public reprimand. **This excerpt is from Thompson's Wikipedia article**

Judge Dava Tunis recommended permanent disbarment for Jack Thompson, on account for being a complete douchebag against video games...  No, really.....

Kidding... He's been disbarred on account of ignoring the sanction placed upon him from being able to self-submit frivolous filings against video game companies.  Thompson ignored this rule and even attempted to submit a file against the referee asking for the report against him.

This whole disbarment started when Thompson was at the Florida Supreme Court February 19th - March 20th and was going through disciplinary proceedings, on account of abusing the legal system by submitting "numerous, frivolous and inappropriate filings".   Despite being warned not to do so.  In fact, it was reported that Thompson walked out of the courtroom at the final hearing in this matter because the Judge would not allow him to "to turn the disciplinary proceeding into a press conference.
"Thus, after careful consideration of the underlying facts in the instant cases, together with the Florida Standards for Imposing Lawyer Sanctions, the applicable aggravating and mitigating factors and the precedent case law, this Court makes the following recommendations for John Bruce Thompson:

A. Permanent disbarment, with no leave to reapply for admission.
B. Disciplinary costs currently totaling $43,675.35"

This guy is not a rational thinker.   He's the type that shoots first, then asks questions later; doesn't ever think about the consequences.   As far as I'm concerned, the idiot had it coming.

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